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[expand title=”Pumps Large Capacity”]

Detailed functional design of all types of pumps for Water Supply, storm drainage and Sewerage. Capacities designed upto 36000 m3/Hr [Francis Turbine Pumps]

[expand title=”Gates”]

Functional and structural design of Stop Log Gates, Fixed wheel gates, flap gates, water level actuated automatic gates, radial gates, slide gates and thimble mounted gated.
Gate lifting mechanisms including hydraulic shafts.

[expand title=”EOT”]

Functional design of EOTs, HOTs and other hoists. Deciding span, Long Travel, Cross Travel and capacity of EOT.
Selection of type of hoisting system required, single/ double girder crane etc.
Finalizing clearances for smooth EOT operation.

[expand title=”OHL 132KV”]

Site survey for alignment of OHL from 433V to 132 kV.
Finalization of location of towers, its foundation, calculation for line sag and clearances as per IE Standards.

[expand title=”Transformers & Substations Including LILO”]

Indoor Substations upto 33 kV & Outdoor Substations upto 132 kV.
Design of LT & HT Switchgears with load list preparation.
Switchgear Protection.
Preparation of SLD and designing of Substation Layout.