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[expand title=”Hydraulic & Structural Design”]

Hydraulic & Structural design of all types of Pipelines [MS, CI, DI, PSC, PVC, HDPE, GRP etc] as per IS, American and DIN standards.
Design of low head, high precision gravity mains.
Large diameter MS pipelines upto 3600mm dia including design of spiders.
Corrosion and corrosion control – cathodic protection, protective coating and linings.

[expand title=”Surge Analysis”]

Surge analysis with and without surge suppression devices for pressure and gravity mains. Software developed by IISc.

[expand title=”Pipeline Structure”]

Design of pipeline structures such as Thrust Blocks, anchor blocks, pipeline bridges, crossings and encasements.
Special competence in minimizing number and sizes of thrust and anchor blocks. To mention an example: We have designed a twin 1400mm OD 12.5mm thick 25km long each pipeline, pressure main for NTPC Sipat with only 1 thrust block and 2 anchor blocks.

[expand title=”Gravity & Pumped Distribution”]

Prathamesh has developed own software for the most optimum design of distribution network. This software has been evaluated and approved by MJP [erstwhile Maharashtra Water Supply & Sewerage Board]
The software can design distribution system with more than one type and pressure class of pipes, selection of pressure class based on maximum of static and dynamic head.
Design of distribution system with full consideration of existing pipelines, age and residual carrying capacity of existing pipeline, design of required parallel augmentation pipelines.
Design of distribution system with multiple inputs – both gravity and pumped.
Distribution system with flow and pressure control valves, orifices and other innovative control devices.

[expand title=”Design Orifice”]

Design of orifice control for flow control in distribution and feeder networks for water supply.
The orifice control in gravity feeder network designed for 22 villages RRWSS for earthquake affected villages in Umarga Taluka of Usmanabad Dist is working perfectly over the years.

[expand title=”Valve & Appurtenances”]

Design and specification of various control and safety valves – NRV, BFV, GV, BV, Knife Gate Valves, Air valves, Kinetic air valves, Air cushion valves, Zero Velocity Valves, Opposed Poppet Valve, pressure or flow induced automatic control valves with hydraulic actuators.

Design and arrangement of MS Pipeline Appurtenances such as

  • Ring girders
  • Mitre Bends, Wye and T junctions, saddles, Shell stiffeners
  • Telescopic Expansion joints, Bellow type EJ as per EJMA.
  • Collar plates and other reinforcements.
  • Overground supports such as roller, PTFE slide bearings, rockers, saddles etc.